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Scam Alert 14Dec2013

scam+++ Website, advertising, or clients scam targetting local businesses +++

There have been a number of cases of fraud that have targetted local companies, sole traders and individuals recently.

This scam is partcularly nasty. It involves a cold call to the local business offering to sell (often at a competitive price) a website, advertising or even a client list. Once the service has been purchased and money paid, then the company phones back saying that you still owe them 'a considerable amount of money'.

They claim that you agreed to the contract, requiring more money. They even claim to have a recording of the phone call too.  They then threaten to send the bailiffs in immediately, but say that this can be avoided if you settle, often a lesser sum, now over the phone.  The cases we've heard about have involved sums of money between £5,000 and £12,000.

 Whatever you do, do NOT pay any money. Please call Judy or Fay in the office if you want to discuss.


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